Lucent Capital partners with industry experts to provide financial advisory services in the following sectors:

Energy Electrical Power networks: Generation plants, electrical grids, substations and local distribution, natural gas pipelines, storage and distribution terminals as well as the local distribution network and transportation of liquefied gas.

Renewable Energy: Any naturally occurring inexhaustible source of energy, such as bio-mass, solar, concentrated solar, wind, wave or hydroelectric power, which is not derived from fossil or nuclear power.

Social Infrastructure: Public services that are operated by municipalities through public private partnerships for the benefit of society, which may include and are not restricted to: hospitals, law courts, prisons, higher education establishments and other municipal establishments.

Transportation: Aviation and its infrastructure, bridges, inland waterways, rail, roads, tunnels, transit, seaports and canals.

Water and Environment: Water utilities, the supply of drinking water, the management of hazardous waste, solid waste and sewage waterways and dams.

Communications infrastructure: Telephone networks, fiber optic cables, mobile phone base stations, masts, voice and data bandwidth and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).